Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU) is the successor of  Ruaha University College (RUCO) which was established by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) under its Trust Deed of the Registered Trustees of Ruaha University College  through the generous support of well wishers (friends of RUCU) within and outside the country.

The University is governed and administered in accordance with the Catholic Church Policy on Higher Education Institutions – Ex Corde Ecclesia and the provisions of the constitution establishing a University. Nonetheless, RUCU is a private and secular institution of higher learning that is open to all regardless of their faith or religious affiliations. It does not discriminate on any grounds such as faith or their backgrounds, religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, gender, disability or caste.

RUCU’s Vision

To be a hub of education excellence and moral finesse.

RUCU’s Mission

To be a committed institution of higher learning which provides:

  • Demand driven quality education to students so as to enable them become responsible professionals with moral and ethical values in the society.

  • Quality teaching, research and consultancy for quality manpower output for services and leadership.

Our Core Values

In achieving its Vision and fulfilling its Mission, the University will constantly subscribe to the following values

  • Academic Excellence in teaching, research and service to the public will be well recognized and forms an important part of the academic and organisational life of the institution.
  • Academic Freedom characterized by a culture of free and critical thought and enquiry, tolerance of diversity views and as open exchange of ideas amongst the staff and/or students
  • Result orientation characterized by a culture of of having a plan that sets to achieve strategic results for the institution and realizing such plans as fully as possible
  • Quality service and leadership to be promoted for all core and support activities
  • Good governance by ensuring transparent decision making and full participation of stakeholders in the development of the institution and major policy shifts
  • Innovation and creativity in all activities of the institution and underpinned by a dedication to quality, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Moral Integrity and the willingness to serve to be cultivated amongst both staff and students and to be embedded in all policies
  • Equal Opportunity to be ensured in all activity areas and supported by determination to eliminate discrimination on the basis of personal, ethnic, religious, gender or other social characteristics.
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